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小题1:A小题2:D小题3:B小题4:D 试题分析:小题1:A 细节题根据文章第一行There is a wonderful story about a young girl who had no family and no one to love her.说明A正确。小题2:D 细节题根据第二段第2行The young girl carefully release...

SelenaGomez&theScene-《LoveYouLikeaLoveSong》 It'sbeensaidanddone Everybeautifulthought'sbeenalreadysung AndIguessrightnowhere'sanotherone Soyourmelodywillplayonandon, withbestweown Youarebeautiful, likeadreamcomealive,incredib...


lovely , her ,wish ,to eat, is, wants

1.B(A young man who lived in London ) 2.B(The man was very poor while the girl was rich) 3.C(The young man wanted to make her a ...




选C啊 那个小女孩喜欢伴着音乐舞蹈(翩翩起舞)

歌曲名:fell in love with a girl 歌手:white stripes 专辑:white blood cells Fell in love with a girl fell in love once and almost completely she's in love with the world but sometimes these feelings White Stripes can be so mislea...


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