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Do you work well with people?的答案是:1.你的工作以及与人吗?2.你和同事相处好吗?3.你和别人一起工作?

答案A有打错字吗? get on well with 与......和谐相处

he did his work very well 他工作做得很好 双语对照 例句: 1. The restaurant did very well. 餐馆经营得非常好。 2. He did very well, even with his arm in a sling. 他踢得非常好,尽管手臂上还打着石膏。

6.Work well with a multicultural work force.能够和不同文化的人一起出色地工作。7.Willing to work under pressure with leadership quality.愿意在压力下工作,...

Simple page layouts work 简单的页面布局工作 well with 与 Linux documentation tools. Linux文档工具 For example, a technical book 例如,一本技术书 with a few flow charts and images 带流程图和图片 can be easily produced and mainta...

用第一种说法 get on well with sb 和某人相处融洽 get on well with sth 做某事进展顺利

everything goes well with your work. 你的工作一切顺利。 如果是口语里的问句: Everything goes well with your work? 你的工作一切顺利吗?

D 考查比较级的用法。Money不可数,用little修饰,比较级是less;people可数,用few修饰,比较级是fewer。句意“我认为鲍勃是这份工作的合适人选,因为他能用更少的人力和物力把工作做好。”故选D。

If you pay attention to your behavior, you can find the advantages work well; the disadvantages would also be overcome. Then you can work with your ...

I'm a student called cai minghui, from 09 financial class. I am the study commissioner in my class and I am extroverted and work well with others....

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