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with+sB.+ADj. 是什么意思?


加什么介词, 要看前面是什么形容词了 如: make sth different from make sb proud of make sb interedted in make sth popular with .... 如不明白请追问,要是满意请【采纳】 祝学习进步

1.I主语 don't want谓语动词 to leave with you angry at me宾语 2.with you angry at me是leave的伴随或方式状语 3.you angry at me是with的复合宾语 4.you是 with的宾语,angry at me是you的宾补; 5.at me是angry的状语 我不想你还生着我的气...

make sb/sth+adj. 使......变得... 形容词在这里作宾语补足语。又如:We will make our country more beautiful. He made his father angry yesterday. 没有get sth+adj. 但是有get sth done= have sth done 你的这个句子her students classes ...


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