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oh my God 是不是一整个景点的解说词都要翻成英文? 这篇有点难度 To get rid of the evil for the people, Dragon Lady decided to return to the Dragon Palace to borrow the sword. Out of people's expectation, the evil tiger went down ...

56 map ;57 first; 58 airport;59 wake; 60 give; 61 anything;62 better;63 write;64 far; 65 own。

When people talk about China, they often think of many great Chinese people such as Confucius, Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Yuan Longping and so on. All of them made a great contribution to making China better.When people talk ab...


nba2konline没有声音的可能原因有以下几个方面: 1、游戏设置问题。打开游戏设置中关于音效、音量的设置部分,查看有没有关闭,如果关闭的话,建议全部打开,调整到一个合适的音量,然后尝试退出重新登录游戏。 2、计算机本身的音频硬件或播放设...

A 考查词义辨析。deliver“表达”;simplify“简化”;declare“宣告”;clarify“澄清”。句意“基于汉语的‘给力的’一词,走红网络,传达出一个信息,即汉语也能成为英语词汇的外来语。”故选A。


小题1:B小题2:C小题3:A小题4:B 小题1:根据Happy Farm is an online game. It is very popular among people in China.描述,可知选B。小题2:根据短文第一段描述,可知选C。小题3:根据Some people were so crazy (疯狂的) that they even get up...




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