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及时地. e.g. He came back in a timely fashion after finishing his work

是不是网络不通了,客户端连接不上服务器. 这段的意思是:请求失败,或是服务器在指定的时间内没回应,查看系统日志或应用程序日志获得详细内容


5.Neat in appearance and work ethics, to follow up in all activities in a timely fashion and be able to work alone or in a team effort.外观整洁,...

1053 0x000041D The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion. 1054 0x000041E 无法建立服务的执行绪。1055 0x000041F ...

responsibility of the company and in handling the complaints of the staff, disputes among the staff, and other related sudden events in a timely fashion....

299684 Error 930; The Authentication Server Did Not Respond to Authentication Requests in a Timely Fashion(错误 930;身份验证服务器未及时响应身份验证请求)...


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