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thE BEst是什么意思?

best of the best 当然可以,就是最好、顶尖的意思。还是个电影名字:) 但是 “精彩集锦” 用 Collection Highlights 更加适合英语习惯。

the best for you 给予你最好的;对你是最好的 例句 1.I know it's for the best for you and for me. 我知道,这对你和我都是件好事。 2.The sooner he comes, the better for you. 他来得越早对你越有利。

best of the best 本意是:最好中的最好 也就是“精英中的精英;至尊奖;精品中的精品” This is because they are the best of the best in fashion. 只是因为它们是时装精品中的精品。

the best最高级, best不是最高级(副词时的最高级也可以不用the的) 如: 最高级: This book counts among the best of his works. 这本书被认为是他的最佳作品之一。 Which do you like best? 不是最高级: Please give my best regards to h...

you're the best:你是最好的 例句 1、Billy: You're the best. 比利:你真是太好了。 2、You're one of the best teachers in the school& we have to do something. 你是学校最优秀的老师之一&我们必须得做点什么。

1、in the best interest 为了最佳利益 双语对照 例句: 1. Do these c.e.o.'s make decisions that aren't in the best interest of the public? 这些c.e.o在做决策的时候没有考虑公众的最大利益吗? 2. "In losing mark hurd, the h.p. board f...

bring out the best 探骊得珠; 把最好的 The traditional way of education applied by most of his peers might not necessarily help bring the best out of a child, he said. 他说,他这个年龄段的许多家长都采取了传统的教育手段,这并不一...

the best for you意思是:给你最好的 造句: 1. The best wishes for you. 最好的祝福送给你。 2. Don't set your goals by what other people consider important. Olny you know what is the best for you. 不要跟随大众的价值观去设定自己的...

柯林斯是这么说的: If you say that something happened for the best part or the better part of a period of time, you mean that it happened for most of that time. 所以解释为:一周的大部分时间 别的解释都是瞎BB


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