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tAkE thE wAy是什么意思

take the way 采取的方式 双语对照 例句: 1. Take the way it runs its iphone program: as if it is the only game in town. 以其运营iPhone项目的方式为例:苹果总是把自己当作别人的唯一选择。 2. Many young men choose to take the way out...

你好! take the sheway 以她的方式

You take all the way in and you will run into a big grocery store. 也可以说:Take all the way in and you will run into a big grocery store. 你一直往里走,就会见到一个大的杂货店。 句型是:祈使句+陈述句。前面的祈使句表示条件。


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