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歌曲名:Stronger Than You Think 歌手:Fireflight 专辑:Now Fireflight - Stronger Than You Think I know your intentions I've seen the way you work You love destruction You love pouring on the hurt I used to chase you But now I hate...

歌曲名:Stronger Than Me 歌手:Amy Winehouse 专辑:Frank (Rarities Edition) Stronger Than Me Amy Winehouse You should be stronger than me You been here 7 years longer than me Don't you know you supposed to be the man, Not pal in c...

Jade Valerie - Like A Bird http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTY0ODE1MDA=.html

Stronger Kelly Clarkson You know the bed feels warmer, 也许床上会感觉温暖一点 Sleeping here alone, 我独自躺在这里 You know I dream in color, 你知道我怀着美好的梦想 And do the things I want. 做着自己想做的事情。 You think you g...



Now she’s stronger than you know现在她比你所知道的更强A heart of steel starts to grow钢铁一样的心脏在成长All his life, he’s been told他的一生,...

i am stronger than you 我比你强壮 我比你强


亲,理由很简单:这几个选项里面只有much能修饰比较级。 much stronger than you:比你强壮的多 用在这里加深语气,表示程度更深


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