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be back on one's feet 完全复原; 例句: 1. Sadness does not disappear overnight; it takes time to getback on one's feet. 悲伤不是一夜之间就能消失不见的,重新振作起来需要时间。 2. Better to die on one's feet than live on one's kne...

get on one's feet 和get to one's feet的区别: get on one's feet,强调站的动作过程,使用时偏重于人要自力更生这种意思。 get on one's feet 站起来 强调了“站”的动作和过程 stand 站立 强调了。

think on one's feet 意思是:站立着思考 on one's feet 意思是:站立着 希望可以帮到你 望采纳

be on one's foot 站起来;坚强起来 on foot 步行;在进行中 at the foot of 在…(山)脚下;在…的下部 of foot 在行走(或走路)中 set foot on 踏上 set foot 进入到某处;行走 hand and foot 手脚一起;完全地;无微不至地 set foot in v. 踏进...


站稳立场keep on your feet 实际上就等于keep your feet on the groundon 这里不是继续的意思 是身体部位 和地面接触的意思 如 he stood on his head 他倒立所以 keep on your feet是 站稳 的意思

Once he was back on his feet, he would take it up again; In the new surroundings, I soon lost sight of my friends ; He was a man greedy for money. It reminds me of my past; The reason why he was late for school is/was that...

to get a little first-time experience with something “入门”的意思

rise to ones feet 站起来 双语对照 例句: 1. Elevate your feet to make push-ups more difficult. 把双脚抬高做能增加俯卧撑的难度。 2. It's been widened from 72 feet to 200 feet. 它的宽度也从72英尺拓宽到200英尺。

根据第二段的The goats are back on their feet 可知,突然僵直地倒在地上的...Some older ones learn to stand near something like a fence or a tree ...



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