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可以这么理解啊 因为抬膝盖就等于抬脚了么

to one's feet 站起来(常与 bound, dart, jump, start 等连用) -to stamp one's feet: 跺脚跺脚 英语美文欣赏3 ...To smile in the face of the grim suppressors, 在严酷的压迫者面前微笑,To stand in the heart of the glowering darkness ...

答案如下: 1. 站起来;起立(发言、祝酒) 2..站起来。 望采纳,谢谢^^

rise to ones feet 站起来 双语对照 例句: 1. Elevate your feet to make push-ups more difficult. 把双脚抬高做能增加俯卧撑的难度。 2. It's been widened from 72 feet to 200 feet. 它的宽度也从72英尺拓宽到200英尺。


raise 和rise 都有“举起”的意思。 但是它们在用法上有很大不同,绝对不可混淆。 Raise是及物动词。 Rise 是不及物动词

【 rise 和 raise 区别主要是rise 是不及物,无宾语;raise及物,有宾语】 都表示 "向上移动" rise (某物)上升;攀升;提高;达到较高的位置 / raise 提升;举起;提起(某物) 例:Smoke was rising from the chimney . 烟从烟囱里升起。 例...

建议你使用longman现代字典查,move fast [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]to move quickly or suddenly in a particular direction [= leap]

歌词大概是I got feet然后什么的 I got news 然后...Just talking to youSummer vibeLooking for a ...But it'll rise again tomorrowEh-oh, eh-oh, ...

The plane was then able to rise and it cleared the mountains by 400 feet."这时飞机能上升了,并在距山头400英尺的高度飞越了山头。"The steps of the ...



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