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put in onEs shoEs

be in one’s shoes 或者put oneself in one’s shoes 这个习语表示“处于某人的境地或处境来设想”,比如,I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes if they find out what you’re doing. 如果他们发现了你在干什么,我可不愿设想你得有多倒霉。我们大...


one, 该句译为她有很多双鞋,她最喜欢这双。 one 相当于 a pair of shoes. 第二个句子可以等同于She likes the pair of shoes best. 而该句当中the pair为单数,所以用one, 不用ones.

ones 因为所替代的shoes是复数形式,所以代词one也要用复数。


两个选项都不对,应该是pair,因为鞋是两只,一双鞋要用a pair of shoes..

选D shoes是复数 指代用the ones

A:"Can i help you?" B:"Yes,please.I want a pair of shoes." A:"How about this pair?" B:"They look nice.How much are they?" A:"They are nine dollars."


应该选C吧 a pair of _ 后面只能加复数 而且前文提到了这双鞋子 所以用one


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