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onCE的liEs中文翻译,高手进 快!

think it's time, we give it up 我想是时候我们该放弃了 and figure out what's stopping us 寻找是什么阻止了我们 from breathing easy, and talking straight 曾经我们谈笑自如 the way is clear if you're ready now 原因简单如果你已准备好...

很高兴帮你解答。 She loves you right now, so don't close your eyes. 此刻她正爱着你,所以请你不要闭住你的双眼。 She'll be talking and laughing with six other guys. 她将要和其他六位男士谈笑风生。 Flirtatious and cute, she'll take...


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