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当然是to啦,make a decision to do=decide to do,不信可以查课文

不完全相同. make a decision on (doing) sth,就是否做……做出决定,两种可能: 1、决定做…… 2、决定不做: make a decision to do sth,相当于,make a decision on...的 1.是确定的要做的.

make a decision 英[meik ei diˈsiʒən] 美[mek e dɪˈsɪʒən] [词典] 决定下来,作出决定,下决心; [例句]It's not right to make a decision without investigation and study. 没有调查研究就作出决定...

We all make hundreds of decisions every day.Most are not taht important,but some can have a great effect on our lives.When we have a big decision to make,it is crucial to get it right.Therefore,we must learn how to be good deci...

都行 ABOUT是介词,后面跟名词代词动名词

make a decision about 缺主语,和about的宾语。 比如填上I make a decision about this job. 我做了一个关于这个工作的决定

make a decision make的读音是:英 [meɪk],美 [mek]。 a 的读音是:英 [ə; eɪ],美 [e]。 decision的读音是:英 [dɪ'sɪʒ(ə)n],美 [dɪ'sɪʒn]。 make a decision的意思是: 作决定 make a de...

decision make 是语误,不能这么说。反过来,make decision就是做决定,是动词。 decision making,连在一起形成新的复合名词,意思是做决定的过程。 Tom makes decisions. 汤姆做决定 --> 汤姆说了算。 Tom is in charge of decision making. ...



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