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liEs BigBAng成员分别唱几句

bigbang唱的Lies音译版歌词 ye, Love is pain .. To all my brokenhearted people (come again) one's old a flame, scream my name And i'm so sick of love songs ye, i hate damn love song, memento of ours (够几吗儿) 呢怎 把木 比噶 内料...


两个版本,,不知道那个你能用的上 【一】ye (love is pain) to all my brokenhearted-people (come again) one's old a flame ye scream my name and i'm so sick of love songs ye i hate damn love song memory of ours 都是谎言 深夜下起雨 ...

我已经发到指定邮箱里了 因为本人是个女的 所以就发了几个女子组合有劲的韩国歌曲 (邮件中包含lrc文件) 望采纳~



Blue Fantastic Baby Bad Boy Tonight Love Song Stupid Liar Somebody To Love Beautiful Hangover Gara Gara GO!! Let Me Hear Your Voice Lollipop Haru Haru Sunset Glow Number 1 Lies Last Farewell La La La Bingle Bingle Monster 一天...

求采纳矮 late night and rains falling down; i bring you back from my memories i promised myself i would be fine without you but i cant help it i take in liqour which i dont even know how to handle, trying to fill my empty heart...


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