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let's go to the zoo 让我们去动物园 双语对照 例句: 1. Let's go to the zoo by bus. 我们一起坐公车去动物园吧。 2. Let's go to the production center. 让我们走进生产中心。 . ----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问! 满...

Let's go to the zoo.让我们去动物园吧


go to someplace to do something 去某地做某事

两篇文章供你选择 (一) I think on the one hand we should let animals to the zoo or acrobatic because if we let animals to the zoo animals will can have eat well and drink well they not fell hungry look like this their life can...

1、Let's see the penguins in the zoo first. 让我们先看动物园里的企鹅。 2、My friends like koalas very much because they are very cute. 我的朋友们喜欢无尾熊,因为它们非常可爱。 3、Susan doesn't like tigers because she think they...

it'safinedayjohn.let'sgothezootogether是什么意思 是:It's a fine day, John. let's go to the zoo together。吧。 It's a fine day, John. let's go to the zoo together。 意思是: (这个)天气不错,John。我们一起去公园吧。

你好!Let's not go

B 本题回答语建议的是我们去爬山,选项中和爬山有关的是徒步旅行,hike表示此意,故本题选B。



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