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一价定律(the law of one price)即绝对购买力平价理论,它是由 货币学派 的代表人物 弗 里德曼 (1953)提出的。

你是要前段的汉译英吧,虽然后边你又给出了译文。我也再给个版本,你看哪个通顺就用哪个。 Law of one price (the price of a-one my absolute),...

Law of one price (the law of one price) that is the absolute purchasing power parity theory, which is representative of the currency Friedman ...

你亲戚乘我们飞机可获半价。 in-law 是指:A relative by marriage。不光是岳父岳母,妻子或丈夫方面的亲戚都算。 另外,fly sb.是指用飞机把某人送到什么地方。


3.PRICE价格 3.1The total Contract price is: CIF Tianjin Xingang Seaport, China INCOTERM 2010, USD 109,440.00 •(Say: USD one hundred ...

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Crew7--This Time Charlotte Perrelli(女声) Kirsten Price---《Gone》 my songs know what you did in the dark p!nk— Get The Party Started nfiniti - ...

The lower price of bread will not necessarily increase the demand of it, for its demand here is depressed not by price, but by a need of dieting, in which case, its price will not be taken into consideration. 希望你看的懂


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