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keep 是一个将来 要动作 还没动作的状态 一般用于 计划 或者描述 keeping是正在进行的

I'm forever keeping my angel close 我会永远守护在我的天使身边是英文歌what are words里的最后一句歌词

book-keeping 英['bʊk ˌki:pɪŋ] 美['bʊk ˌki:pɪŋ] n. 簿记; [例句]The following few rules contain the secret of correct book-keeping. 以下几条规定包含了正确记账的秘诀。

Keeping Healthy: To be healthy is importanter and importanter to us.So people are keeping healthy every day.And I have lots of healthy food for three meals.For breakfast,I have two pieces of bread and a bottle of milk.Sometimes...

只见过keep in with 和。。。搞好关系的意思 You should keep in with him as he is very influential. 你应和他搞好关系,他是一个很有影响的人。 You must keep in with your customers. 你必须对顾客友好。 in keeping with 意思是与。。。保...



house keeping 家务 双语例句 1. Cooking, sewing, and house keeping are household arts. 煮饭 、 缝衣和料理家务都是持家的艺术. 2. She became neurotic about keeping the house clean. 她对保持房屋清洁有点神经质。 如有疑问,请追问!

保存记录的意思 两者没有必然关系啊 要么来个句子 会计要随时保存记录(随时保存资料) Accounting should always keep a recordkeeping

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