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日语老师JapaneseTeacherBRCProV3.5破解 5 匿名 我有更好的答案 1条回答 fyl610767236 | 发布于2013-05-10 13:14 评论 ...

1.Our english teacher asked me, " Is this pen yours or his?" 2.He asked me,"how do you repair your chair?" 3.mr jackson said ," students,dont waste your time" 4.the mother said,"tom, get up early please" 5.the teacher said,"the...

快要考试了,求新通用大学英语第三册的听力原文和课文原文 翻译 问题补充:是新通用大学英语综合教程第三册 作业不会,学霸帮你 立即下载...

.the teacher told her students yesterday that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west all of them found out is that the house was full of flowers no one felt that grandpa wang was lonely and sad.

STAR 469 古川伊织

句子语法有误,应是: I want to be a japanese teacher. 翻译成中文是:我想当一名日本教师。 to is不是一个正确的表达语句。正确的应该是to be, (或者是 to become) 相关短语学习: Want to be 网络 想成为; 想当; 想要成为; 想要; 想成为一名...

对于处于青春的我们老说,我们通常会译为:来自日本的大奶教师 Damn, forgive my rudeness.





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