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前者介词短语做状语,修饰动词, 后者形容词做定语,修饰名词。

及时 A flight attendant has to be able to size them up and deal with them in a timely manner. 一名飞机乘务人员必须能够迅速做出判断并及时进行处理。

you're here now and just in time ,so lucky 中文意思是:你现在就在这里,很及时,很幸运 也可以读作:You're here right now. It's very timely and lucky here 英 [hɪə(r)] 美 [hɪr] adv. 在这里;这时;在这一点上;(给某人东...

Can the customer put forward in time to meet the requirements and adjust ...Timely follow-up understand the production status outsourcing manufacturers.6. ...


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