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都可以翻译成下星期,但是根据语境有微小的区别 The next week 这个毫无疑问,通常只表示“下星期”,即紧接本周的下一周; 但是 The coming week 还可以理解为“即将到来的一周”,区别在于,这“一周”或者说这个“星期”不一定是指接下来的那一个“星...


是的。 百度嫌我字数不够

没有听说过in coming weeksd的说法。一般用 in the following weeks。

歌曲名:here comes the weekend 歌手:Full Scale 专辑:full scale Taking chances only makes you stronger Take vacation now before the crow comes for you I'd become the one thing that I'd hated Now I'm living proof of what you all c...

Weekend has come - DJ Roxx Weekend has come I see you again Monday to Fri I wait for the time with you And all my love I lay in your arms I'm kissing your lips Be no more away from you So that is the time I'm working on me Forg...

D will be 从下文“暑假在两个礼拜之后就要到了”可见, 此学期还没结束, 或者说“将要结束”, 所以用一般将来时 如不明白请追问,如果满意请【采纳】 祝学习进步

this weekend 这个周末 this coming weekend这个将要到来的周么

Amy: The weekend is coming. What are you going to do, Bob? Bob: On Saturday morning, I am going to watch TV. On Saturday afternoon, I'm going to play football. On Saturday evening, I'm going to write an email to my grandparents...


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