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the coming weekend 前并没有加不加介词的规定,那要看句子的需要 i am celebrating my birthday on the coming weekend they are having a party this coming weekend on my last birthday,介词on并不是在last前,而是在my之前啊 你把“my last...

都可以翻译成下星期,但是根据语境有微小的区别 The next week 这个毫无疑问,通常只表示“下星期”,即紧接本周的下一周; 但是 The coming week 还可以理解为“即将到来的一周”,区别在于,这“一周”或者说这个“星期”不一定是指接下来的那一个“星...


是的。 百度嫌我字数不够

没有听说过in coming weeksd的说法。一般用 in the following weeks。

Next可以,但是coming不行,coming 用在将来时

the following week 接下来的几周,较为广泛。 the next week 下一周

Our English Week Our english week is coming . we have many activities in next week . our english week activities will be open to the public in our school . do you want to come ? we have english song competition. it will be ever...

be going to与will两者都可表示将要发生的事、将要去做某事,但它们有如下几点区别: 1. be going to 表示近期、眼下就要发生的事情,will 表示的将来时间则较远一些,如: He is going to write a letter tonight. He will write a book one da...


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