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in the coming days 在未来的日子里 双语对照 例句: 1. The question is will those strikes be escalating in the coming days. 目前的问题是,这些罢工是否会在未来的几天内升级。

是,In coming days


in coming days 在未来的日子里

in the coming days in the following days in next few days in some days of near future都可以的 望采纳谢谢。

Cast your mind on other days That we in coming days may be Still the indomitable Irishry. VI Under bare Ben Bulben's head In Drumcliff churchyard Yea...

Happy daysI will be the winnerI'll be freeI'm In the speed super cupComing daysThat would be like the summer别错过飞车这场完美的较量Happy daysI ...

in the future, in the coming days; from now on.

在接下来的日子里老师让我们做课堂笔记 全部释义和例句>>In the coming days, the teacher asked us to make notes in class. 在接下来的日子里老师...

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