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how s your DAy going

你好。这句话意思是你过得怎么样,可以回答fine,意思是很好。 ——————希望帮到你,满意请采纳。

How is your day going 你过得如何 例句: 1. So how is your day going? 那你今天过得怎么样? 2. So how's your day going? 你今天过得怎么样?

how is your day going?你今天过得怎么样? how are your days going?你近来过得如何?

How is your day going的中文翻译 How is your day going 你的一天会怎样;过得如何 双语例句 1 How is your day going? Thank you for finding satan's little sister. 您的一天是如何走?感谢您发现撒旦的妹妹。 2 Let me know how your day is ...

题主想问 表示这些天过的怎么样 一般在米国会听到的是How are you doing these days,或者How is everything going?



how I wish to come with you (wish to come with...You really had me going 你真的已让我相信 But ...And every day of my life is filled with loving...

how is ur life going? 如果你想问他今天过的怎么样就: how is ur day been? 这个两个都是口头化 的

嘿! 您今天怎样呢?我觉得像一个崭新的人! Hey! How's your day going? I feel like a brand-new person!


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