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区别是: get hold of意思是掌握,抓住,得到,拿到。 get的意思非常丰富。有得到,抓住,说服,受到(惩罚等); 到达,来; 成为; 开始; 设法对付; 获得利益或财富的意思。 例句辨析: get hold of 1、Tell Richard I'm going to kill him when ...

get hold of 把握;抓住;得到 短语 get a hold of 联系 ; 得到 ; 联络 ; 找到 get a hold of oneself 控制情绪 ; 控制住情绪 Get A Hold Of Yourself 控制住自己 同近义词 把握;抓住;得到 come into , take hold 双语例句: But the material...

get hold of you 意思是:抓住你,找到你,联系到你 例句: 1.Make sure your friends know where to get hold of you. 一定要让你朋友知道在什么地方可找到你。 2.Have you included all the necessary information on how to get a hold of yo...

我说你会得到自由 I said you will get free I say you will get hold of the freedom 我说你会得到自由

get hold of 词组,意思是:抓住;掌握;获得;找到 I get hold of you. 我找到你了 或 我抓住你了


held [held] v. 握住(hold的过去分词) 1. catch(或claw)hold of a. 抓住,握住,夹住 b. 掌握,控制 c. 理解 2. get hold of a. 得到,获得;找到,找到…与之联系(或接触) b. =catch hold of 3. get(或have)hold of the wrong end of the stic...

get hold of the wrong end of the stick = get the wrong end of the stick 误解




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