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FurthEr CrEDit to

further credit 再贷款 further credit to:给。。。汇款

译文: 为进一步的信用 望采纳!

FURTHER CREDIT 进一步的信贷 双语对照 例句: 1. The plan also promised regulatory relief for the beleaguered stock market and further credit support measures for first-time homebuyers and the real estate sector. 意见还承诺,为处...

If you would like to apply for credit forprior learning for your post... This offer will be rendered INVALID if you undertake any further ...

其实常见的信用证条款是在FURTHER SHIPMENT 前面加NO的。 提问的那句指还有后续出运的话,受益人需提交一份证明称相关信用证项下仍有货物出运(支取)。 FURTHER前面各加NO指此次装运后改证项下无后续出运(支取) 这个条款的意义一般在于信用证...



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