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For,hAvE swEEts,是什么意思

sweet同时也可以做动词,我觉得这里应该和那个糖果没有联系. sweet系动词,sweets只是"三单"时候的用法

have too many sweets-有道翻译 释义 有太多的糖果

Can I have some sweets? 我可以吃些糖吗?

Yes,I do或者No,Idon't

and we have peanuts and sweets. we say happy new year. 我们吃花生和糖果。我们说“新年快乐”。

(Do) you have some sweets? 你有一些糖果吗?

A 试题分析:根据语境可知此题重点考查some和 any 的用法: some一般用于肯定句中,意思是“几个”、“一些”、“某个”作定语时可修饰可数名词或不可数名词。如:I have some work to do today. (今天我有些事情要做)/ They will go there some day.(...

如果你喜欢吃甜食,那么你就会喜欢像糖及巧克力之类的甜食。 have a sweet tooth是成语,解释:喜欢甜食 希望对你有帮助

I eat some sweets after dinner.

Danny:Can/Could Mum:How many Danny:20 or so. Mum:Here you are.


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