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英文: for the better part of a decade 中文翻译:近十年以来的大部分时间 相关例句: We knew [it would work]. We’re two unselfish guys; we knew for the better of the team that we were going to make it work. 可我们知道我们能够一起...

应该翻译为: 实体类型XXXX不是当前内容模型的一部分

1. He went to a beautiful part of the country and lived in a farmer's home, painting all today. 2. Because he wanted to show the artist's picture to his son. 3. Angry. 4. Paiting.

As we can see clear from the chart that a teacher and a student in front of the Blackboard concerning masterpiece. The teacher told the student that if he can figure out a word in his message, he can find in Chaucer. However, t...


小题1: ambition小题2: sympathy小题3:accompany小题4:favor小题5:junior小题6: talent小题7: divorce小题8:abandoned小题9: reflecting 小题10:pausing 小题1:本句的含义为他的雄心是成为国家队的一个部分,故本句空格处填雄心的单词ambition...

Mary J. Blige - Feel Like A Woman (Verse 1:) I want you to rescue me. Take me from this misery. Put your arms around me bay. Hold me close, please hear me say. (Ohh) You really gotta hold on me. (You do) Right here is where I w...




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