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A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn by no other way 句子表面意思是一个试图通过拽着尾巴将猫领回家的人,他是不会用其他方法学到他能学到的知识的! 这句话告诉我们凡事要变通不能死缠烂打! 句意引申翻译为...

就是强转 强:强制性 转:转换 就是强制性转换类型 就是将other强制转换成小括号内的类型,转换不会对other造成影响。

小题1:C小题2:A小题3:B 小题1:从原文中得知Mr. White有一个大和一个小的猫,故选C小题2:从原文中看出他想去看Mr. Smith所以选A小题3:推理判断,the small hole 意为小的孔,故选B

60 BHave you ever said something in anger—or hit somebody and regretted it later? Have you ever shouted at a teacher, told somebody you were lonely, or said you were in love, and then wished later you had kept your mouth shut? ...


我也很奇怪。 以下是any other用法: 注意any other的用法,是指在同一范围内除了某人或某物以外的其他人或事物,any other后跟单数名词,也可以说any of the other+复数名词。 但下面是我从不同词典里查到的例句: Since Broddingnag is far aw...


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