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BE grAtEFul to sB For是什么意思

be grateful to sb for sth 因某事对某人感激I was grateful to my teacher for his help.

be grateful to sb for 为…(向某人)致谢 双语例句 1. I think I should be grateful to you for accompanying me to see the scenery. 我觉得应该先谢谢你陪我看那么多美景。 2. We shall be grateful to you for further discount off your p...

be grateful to sb. for sth. 因某事而对某人感激 单用的话 be grateful for是“为...而感谢” be grateful to 是感谢某人

I am grateful to him for helping me. 我谢谢他帮助我。

个人认为 一般是说 be grateful to sb 因此 不必在这个问题上下功夫 ,记住就行了 希望我的回答有帮助

grateful a. 1. 感谢的,感激的[F][(+for/to)][+to-v][+(that)] I am grateful to have you help me repair the house. 承你帮忙修缮房子,我十分感激。 She was grateful to George for all that he had done. 她感激乔治所做的一切。 2. 表示感...

We should be grateful to those people for their help as well.

对所有帮助过我们的人,我们也应该心存感激。 英文翻译: We should also be grateful to those who have helped us.

一,as far as 例: 1.Not possible, as far as we know. 据我们所了解,这是不可能的。 2. I'll keep you company as far as the station. 我将与你结伴到车站。 3. As far as I know he'll be away for three months. 据我所知, 他将外出三个...



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