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问路的意思 -------------如有帮助请采纳, 如需帮助可追问,谢谢。

asking the way 问路; 例句 1.A tourist walked up to me to ask the way. 一位观光客走过来向我问路。 2.Better to ask the way than to astray. 与其闭口迷路,不如开口问道。 3.We often ask the way when we don't know the way. 当不认识路...

asking the way 问路 [ˈɑ:skɪŋ ðə ˈweɪ]

asking the way 全部释义和例句>> 问路 way英[weɪ] 美[we] n.方法; 道路; 方向; 某方面; adv.远远地,大大地; [其他]复数:ways


asking the way 问路 拼音双语对照 asking the way 网络 问路; 问路指路; 出行问路 双语例句 1 Materialization of the legend Yellow Emperor asking the way and cultural sights in Kongtong mountain 「黄帝问道」的现实化与崆峒山的文化景观

Asking the way A:excuse me,can you please tell me how to get to the school? B:of course,just go straight and turn left 。then you can see the school A:thanks so much B:You're welcome Asking the Way Mrs.Green:Excuse me,b...


Asking the Way 问路 Conversation 1 Key Words and Phrases nearest adj. 最近的 bank n.银行 next to 紧挨者 , post office v. 邮局 round adv. 在周围 corner n. 拐角处 Conversation 1 A: Excuse me, where is the nearest bank? 请问最近的...

1.Excuse me.Could you tell me the way to the League Office?对不起。请问到团委办公室的路怎么走? 2.Excuse me,miss.Could you tellme where the school clinic is?对不起,小姐。请问学校医务室在哪儿? 3.Excuse me.How can Iget...


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