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As whAt you sAiD

不行。 这边as 译为“正如,如同”是连词。连词不能只接名词,而what I said to you这句的作用和名词是类似的。应改为:as i said to you. 这有个例句:As we’ve said, all idioms must be learned, but good idioms need be learned only once. 正...

As I have said 较好



Confirmed with my colleague, the sutiation is as what you said in your email. 白蔡欣爱Sa娇 | 发布于2014-01-10 17:04 评论 其他3条回答 为...

as...表示说就像什么什么一样的 as what the teacher said,就可以表示就像老师说的一样 said do是不存在的 名词前面要加冠词,what teacher said是不行的,要what the teacher said

为你解答。 1.as large as 103 inches 提问 How large is it? 2.Does what he said (sound,听起来) right? 3.-The fire burnt the boy's arms. -(A.I'm sorry to hear that) 4.她再也不想环游世界。 翻译 She doesn't want to travel around the...

What he did wasn't the same as what he sai 他所做的和他所说的不一样 《百度翻译》供你参考。

37 it is said 固定用法意思为 “据说.........”

副词,意思是 同样地,在句中用作状语,修饰moved, 有上下文结合起来看会更清楚一些。


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