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in favor of back up stand by sb,支持某人 stand by one's side站在某人身边,也可以理解为支持 stand behind sb,做后援,做某人后盾 support sb.

 come off

the same as: 与...同样的 例句与用法: 1. The imperial gallon is not the same as the US gallon. 英制的加仑和与美制的容量不同。 2. Double- clicking a control- menu box is the same as choose the close command. 双击一个控制菜单框与...

want to do sth. would like to do sth. feel like doing sth. wish to do sth. eager to do sth. long for doing sth.

有很多种说法: seems, be like, as if, as though

leave 离开, 留, 给, 离, 走, 出发 set out 出发, 罗列, 启程, 起程, 陈列, 陈设 proceed from 出发, 出于 start off 开始, 出发 start from somewhere 出发, 出于

指出 to point out;to put (or lay) one's finger on;to indicate;to show clearly

118个超级常用英语短语: 1.Absolutely not. 绝对不是。 2.Are you coming with me? 你跟我一起去吗? 3.Are you sure? 你能肯定吗? 4.As soon as possible. 尽快。 5.Believe me. 相信我。 6.Buy it . 买下来! 7.Call me tomorrow. 明天打电...

work hard on

be short of be wanting in lack of lacking in


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