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演出 英文

live performance

表演[biǎo yǎn] perform; act; play; demonstrate; develop 例句: 她表演得很好。 She performed very well.

personal show time !

Performances of the

stage performance 舞台表演;舞台表现效果;舞台表现;舞台演出;登台表演 例句: In order to gradually improve the stage performance of the singers, vocal performance needs higher attention and research. The XML stage performance can ...

你好! 演出 show 英[ʃəʊ] 美[ʃoʊ] vt. 表现出; 给…看; 显露出; 上演; vt. 表明; 说明; 指示; 演示; n. 显示; 表演; 展览; 外观; [例句]Research shows that a high-fibre diet may protect you from bowel cancer. 研...

amphitheater performance 个人觉得比较接近的一个翻译 其他都是扯淡

表演节目 Perform 表演节目 Perform

动词:act / perform 名词:performance

用英语:performed English skits 例句:1. When they performed skits in English? Tomorrow afternoon. 他们什么时候表演英语短剧? 明天下午. 2.Students act out a play according to what we have learned today. 根据今天所学的礼仪,表演一...


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