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演出 英文

live performance

Performances of the

break a leg (非常地道的翻译~) What you tell someone about to perform in a drama or musical performance to wish them well.

amphitheater performance 个人觉得比较接近的一个翻译 其他都是扯淡

你好! 演出 show 英[ʃəʊ] 美[ʃoʊ] vt. 表现出; 给…看; 显露出; 上演; vt. 表明; 说明; 指示; 演示; n. 显示; 表演; 展览; 外观; [例句]Research shows that a high-fibre diet may protect you from bowel cancer. 研...

“大型文艺演出” Large theatrical performances" “大型文艺演出” Large theatrical performances"

I lived in beijing.The city is opened and enthusiasm.There is a musical in zhongshan musica hall.It will begin at 7:00p.m this weekend.

personal show time !

to watch a show (不指明是什麽演出) to watch a concert(演唱会) to watch a musical(音乐剧)

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