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口语 地道的说法:I am gonna practice English everyday. be gonna = be going to 题目是“说英语”所以也可以用oral English 是英语口语的意思 或者It is my plan to practice English everyday.或者What I will do everyday is to practice Eng...

你好! 每天练习说中文 Practice speaking Chinese every day

as long as you practise speaking English every day,your spoken English will be improve.

你应该找一切机会练习中文,每天有计划地学习。 英语是:You should practice Chinese by any chance and have the plan to study everyday. 句子解释: practice 英[ˈpræktɪs] 美[ˈpræktɪs] n. 实践; 练习; 惯例...

You should practise on speaking English every day.

we should practice our English-speaking ability as possible as we can.

我经常练习说英语 I often practice speaking English

Everyone should practise speaking English every day. 大家应该每天练习说英语。


您好,这句话可以说: it's time for us to practice our English. 加粗部分就是您给出的那句话的填空,也正好是那个中文的翻译。 原创回答,满意就采纳吧。


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