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make sth. a reality. They are trying their best to make the dream a reality. 他们正努力使梦想变成现实。

reality is reality.


a computer programmer

您好,上面翻译错误,应翻译为:The one who gives me pain must make me stronger. 麻烦采纳,谢谢!

您好,翻译为 To make our living environment better. 希望帮助你

【翻译】Modesty helps one to make progress; conceit makes one lag behind 【例句】 1.要放下架子,不齿相师。“谦虚使人进步,骄傲使人落后。 To put off shelves, and should contempt. "Conceit makes one lag behind." 2.中国有句谚语,“...

不对,Who you encounter depends on who you are,so try to make youeself be better.

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