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financial crisis; 如:金融危機Financial Crisis;Asian financial crisis 系统性金融危机systemic financial crisis;Systematic Financial Crises;Systematic Financial Crisis;WESTBANK systemic financial crisis 金融危机责任费Financia...

In 2008, the world's financial and economic situation surging. With the U.S. sub-loan crisis intensified, and gradually escalated into a financial crisis sweeping the globe, the real economy have been seriously affected. The Un...


financial crisis 满意请采纳哦

The global financial crisis broke out in 2008.

How to cope with the financial crisis in China

The meaning of the financial crisis in the United States easy speaking, refers to the U.S. subprime mortgage repayment default for the root causes of the collapse of financial institutions induced bankruptcy financial storm. Th...

A financial crisis breaks out

Financial Crisis Affecting Electronics Industry We have noted before on this blog that the electronics industry will not be immune to the downturn in the US Economy and that the financial impact will have some effect on the con...

The crisis also had a gerat influence on China, and in some areas and some fields, the loss was very serious.


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