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我还能做什么(语气委婉)1.What else should i be 2.What else I can do 3.What more could I do 4.What can I do我还能做什么呢(语气强烈) What else can I do

“我还能做什么” What else can I do" “我还能做什么” What else can I do"

What else can I do for you?我还能为你做什么 What else can I do?我还能做什么 ?

what can i say

Can I do anything but to forgive you again and again? I love you so much!

What can I do except thinking of you?

你好! 我真希望除了想你还可以其它的事情做,但是我找不到 I really hope that in addition to think you can also do other things, but I can't find it . 希望对你有所帮助!

"请不要嫌弃我,至少我还可以做你的倾听者。" "Please don't dislike and avoid me,because at least I can be your audient /listener." 或者: "Please don't dislike and avoid me.After all, I can be your audient /listener." 【公益慈善...

If you could give me another chance,I must take care of you very well 加油...

what did I have when I was be abandoned by the world? 自己写的,直译过来不太好听:我有什么当我被世界抛弃的时候? 但意思一样,哪些翻译软件没有用哦。 求采纳


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